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Why is it worth booking an RV rental in Anchorage early?

Alaska, the “Last Frontier” is a dream destination for many and you can make your dreams come true with a campervan rented from Anchorage. Spend a day or two exploring the city's heritage before heading out to explore the wilds of this huge country with its beautiful landscape and teeming wildlife. With Alaska's weather extremes, the best time to pick up a camper rental in Anchorage is between June and August. This short window means that demand for vehicles is always high. To be sure of getting your preferred dates as well as the best price-campervan combo, we suggest booking several months in advance. While the cost of a Camper in Anchorage may seem high, it really is the most economical way to travel in Alaska. Simply compare it with the cost of car rental, hotel accommodation, and dining in restaurants and you'll see just how competitive it is. As well as being great value for money, a campervan from Anchorage gives you a truly laidback vacation. You can travel to your own timetable and enjoy waking up to a different view every day. It will always be a spectacular view! With your early bird booking, you also get a transparent cancellation policy, the option to change vacation dates if necessary at no additional cost, and the friendly support of the experienced CamperDays customer service team. A team member is always available to answer any queries or even help you plan an Alaskan itinerary.

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Would you like to enquire about a motorhome or do you need further information before making a booking? You can contact us without obligation either from Mon - Tues 9:00 - 18:00 GMT; Weds - Fri 10:00 - 17:00 GMT by phone or at any time via our online contact form.

The best campsites

Campsites in Anchorage and the surrounding area

Your stay for the first night

  • Alaska/Chugach State Park
    Bird Creek Campground
  • Alaska/Nancy Lake State Recreation Area
    South Rolly Lake Campground
  • Alaska/Hatcher Pass Management Area
    Gold Mint Trailhead
  • Alaska/Chugach National Forest
    Russian River Campground
  • Alaska/Kenai River Special Management Area
    Bings Landing Campground
  • Alaska/Chugach State Park
    Eagle River Campground
  • As with all states in the USA, you need to be at least 21 to drive a campervan. Most rental companies prefer older drivers who are over 25 and may make a surcharge if you're aged between 21 and 25.

  • Yes. Details of the main driver's credit card are held for a security and damages deposit.

  • All you need to drive in Alaska is a full and valid national driving license.

  • No. Wild camping is allowed anywhere in Alaska, even in national park areas. Always be respectful of other people and the wildlife.

  • Some surfaces on your road trip from Anchorage may be unsuitable for campers, especially larger ones. Your rental company will advise you about this but always check out your terms and conditions as well.

  • A campervan vacation is an ideal way to introduce your family to the wonders of Alaska. Just make sure to bring or hire the correct child seats.

  • Most rental companies have a selection of dog-friendly campers in their fleet. Always check your terms and conditions carefully.

  • The majority of campervan hire companies in Anchorage permit children in their vehicles. Remember that Apollo does not allow children below 2 years of age in their vehicles.

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