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Booking and payment

It is possible to pay via credit card and invoice on CamperDays. We will explain to you what you should bear in mind when paying >>

Yes, you can book a campervan via CamperDays without a credit card. But you will need a credit card when picking up the campervan.

When travel plans change at the last minute, flexible cancellation terms are essential. Many campervan rental companies offer free rebooking and accommodating cancellations. To give you an overview, we have summarised the most important information and the cancellation conditions of our rental partners in this article >>


Pick-up and drop-off

With each campervan offer you will find, among other things, concrete information on the pick-up and drop-off times at the selected station. You should pay attention to this information, because it is usually not possible to pick up or return the campervan outside the opening hours >>

Most of the campervans that you can rent through CamperDays only require a normal class B driving licence. Also, only a few countries require you to have your international driving licence with you. In this article you will find an overview of which driving licence is the right one for you for your campervan >>

Whether you need an International Driving Licence in addition to your regular license depends on your destination. Find out here where the International Driving License is recommended and where it is mandatory >>


Insurances and additional services

Most rental companies offer a premium package with several additional benefits in addition to the basic insurance. Find out what the premium package includes and when it is useful >>

If you do not return your campervan at the station where you picked it up, it is called a one-way rental. With many rental companies this is only possible against a so-called one-way fee. Find out here what costs you can expect, what you have to bear in mind with one-way routes and when a one-way rental is worthwhile >>

Usually the rental company charges an additional fee to cover the return costs. This one way fee varies by country, rental company and route. Find out what costs you should expect and how you can save >>

If you notice problems with the campervan or damage has occurred and you would like to have your deductible reimbursed, you can file a complaint. Here you can find out what you need to consider in the event of a complaint >>>>

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