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Campervan in Namibia: Discover paradise on your own

Are you tired of your package holidays in the Mediterranean? Do you want to experience an adventure in a distant country and wander through exotic landscapes on your own? Then discover Namibia, a fascinating country in the south of Africa, with a campervan. The landscape is shaped by two huge sand deserts, which are separated by a high mountain range. Outside the vast wasteland, Namibia also boasts vast fertile areas with lush, colourful vegetation. At the coast the landscape changes again. Awaiting you here on the deep blue Atlantic are heavenly sandy beaches that invite you to swim, relax or do water sports. You can experience all these varied landscapes on your journey if you rent a campervan in Namibia.

Start your Namibian campervan tour by first comparing prices and services and then booking the best offer. Pick up your campervan in Namibia at the rental company and get started. Cross deserts and forests and discover Namibia's wild animals on a safari. Elephants, giraffes and antelopes can be seen up close and in their natural environment - unlike our zoos in Europe.

In Namibia, you will also encounter numerous traces of the history of the German colonial era. The era of colonisation is reflected above all in buildings such as the coloured colonial houses in Swakopmund. Have the freedom to do what you want. If you explore Namibia with a campervan, you can stop where you like and stay as long as you like.

In a country with endless golden desert plains and deep forests it is advantageous to always be mobile and have your accommodation with you. If you rent a campervan for your trip through Namibia, you have enough space for your luggage, clothing, provisions and sports equipment for the Namibian wilderness. Unpack your rafting equipment and face the raging river at the Ruacana Falls. Or slip into your mountaineering gear and climb the Spitzkoppe mountain up to the 1,180-metre-high summit.

You will then drive through deserted landscapes to the Fishriver Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world in your campervan in Namibia. Be amazed by the sand-coloured, almost endless gorge, which leads over 650 metres through the country - a guaranteed unforgettable sight.

If you rent a campervan in Namibia and really want to experience the whole beauty of the country, don't miss the most important national park, the Etosha-Park in the north of the country. Here you will once again get to see up close a variety of African wildlife: Giraffes and elephants, rhinos and countless other species of mammals, birds and reptiles.

The national park is particularly suitable for families as a destination for excursions. Not only will the wild animals amaze your children, they will also love a ride on horseback. The seal colony at Cape Cross is also very easy to reach for you if you have a campervan as a vehicle for Namibia. Another highlight, especially for the very young explorers, is the city of Windhoek with the Haven Zoo. In addition to a great adventure playground, there is also a large petting enclosure with goats, ponies and guinea pigs.

If you want more action, Walvis Bay is a fantastic surfer's paradise with ideal weather conditions. Relaxed canoe trips are best on the river Oranje. An absolute must for everyone who wants to explore Namibia is a trip to the southwest of the country in the Sossusvlei National Park. Here, on a long desert hike, you will discover dunes over 3000 metres high and in between desert animals such as geckos, hyenas and snakes. Independence, flexibility and mobility in a breathtaking African country - no wonder that campervans are among Namibia's most popular means of travel. Try it out and see for yourself!

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Whether city trips, beach vacations or trips through nature - with a campervan you rent the freedom to arrange your leisure time completely according to individual ideas! You can flexibly discover new places and countries and experience the country and its people up close. Plan your own route and linger to your heart's content in cities that you like, or in the midst of picturesque natural landscapes. If you rent a campervan, make your holiday your personal adventure and spend an unforgettable time with your loved ones!

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