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Norway and its attractions

Norway is a true mecca for individual travellers: Picturesque landscapes, pulsating big cities and the unique flair of Scandinavia offer holidaymakers numerous creative possibilities for their journey. In order to be as flexible as possible on site, we recommend renting a campervan and discovering Norway on four wheels.

Rent a campervan and discover Norway on your own - the northernmost country of the Scandinavian peninsula is perfect for this purpose. As rich as the country is in natural highlights, the cultural attractions are just as varied. Nature enthusiasts and city tourists alike will get their money's worth here.

Oslo offers an excellent starting point for all kinds of activities. Here you can first learn about the history of the city in the Fortress Akershus. Afterwards head to the Oslofjord and spend warm summer days there sailing or relaxing in nature.

Hikers who wish to go westwards will be drawn to the Felsplateau Preikestolen. The rock pulpit offers a breathtaking view over the sea and is the spectacular end point of the preceding hike.

Tip: Hammerfest

If you rent a campervan, Norway should also be visited in the far north. This is where the city of Hammerfest is particularly worth a visit. After all, the town lies north of the Arctic Circle. This means that there is 24 hours of daylight between mid-May and the end of July, but no sunshine in winter.

Campervan offers in Norway

Rent a campervan and travel Norway at your own speed

When you rent a motorhome in Norway, you not only get from place to place quickly, you also have the opportunity to explore the nature around you in a flexible way. The route from Oslo to Bergen is particularly suitable for a multi-day tour.

Tour from Oslo to Bergen

Start your journey in Oslo, the capital of Norway. Rent a campervan at a local station and then set off for Bergen. The first stage is Sandvika. Here the art gallery Baerum Kunstforening is waiting for those interested in culture, while at the next waymark Nesbyen and the ski area, winter sports enthusiasts in particular will get their money's worth.

Geilo, on the other hand, makes the hearts of all nature lovers beat faster. Here you will find a picturesque nature park and the possibility of exciting husky tours. Continue to the waterfall Vøringsfossen in Eidfjord and for relaxing hours to the lake Vangsvatnet, until you finally reach the final stage Bergen. Explore the city on foot or by bike, visiting the Hanseatic quarter of Bryggen. Hikers and climbers, on the other hand, are on the Ulriken. It is the highest of the seven mountains around the city.

  • Oslo
  • Sandvika
  • Nesbyen
  • Geilo
  • Eidfjord
  • Vossevangen
  • Bergen

You can also rent a campervan and explore Norway along the west coast. The tour from Kristiansund to Molde is suitable for this. The island Frei with the fortress Kvalvik Fort from the Second World War are the perfect stopovers. On the other hand a stop on the idyllic island Bergsøya is worthwhile since the place is a gem for relaxation and those looking for peace. Molde has the viewpoint Varden ready for you and knows how to inspire culturally with the Romsdal museum.

  • Kristiansund
  • Insel Frei
  • Bergsøya
  • Molde

Rent campervans Norway

Depending on the number of people, different types of campervans are suitable for your holiday. In general, there are three different models:

  • Luxury campervans provide the highest comfort on your journey. These vehicles offer interior space for large groups of people and are fully equipped.
  • Norway explorers who want to travel the country with their families can rent a large campervan. Alcove beds above the driver's cab ensure optimum use of space. In addition, the model has good basic equipment.
  • Small campervans offer space for two to a maximum of three people. The maneuverable vehicles are ideal for city traffic.

Tip: Taking your pet with you

Would you like to show your four-legged friend the nature idyll of Norway? Then you can search specifically for vehicle models which make it possible to take your pet with you.

How does CamperDays work?

Whether city trips, beach vacations or trips through nature - with a campervan you rent the freedom to arrange your leisure time completely according to individual ideas! You can flexibly discover new places and countries and experience the country and its people up close. Plan your own route and linger to your heart's content in cities that you like, or in the midst of picturesque natural landscapes. If you rent a campervan, make your holiday your personal adventure and spend an unforgettable time with your loved ones!

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