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Campervan rental Norway

How does CamperDays work?

Searching for a perfect campervan at the most affordable price gives you sleepless nights? Do not worry, with our simple booking system, you will secure your dream vehicle in next to no time. In order to start the search, it is enough to fill in the form on our website with the dates of your holidays.

After filling in the dates, you will get a list of available vehicles. The list of RVs can be easily narrowed down. In order to do that, you can use something from the list of dedicated filters. There is also an option to decrease the price with a price range slider located on your left-hand side above the filters. To make this booking system even more enjoyable, we made sure that there are no surcharges on the pick-up.

1Find an RV

Simply enter your dates and place of departure and the search can begin.

2Receive offers

Request your desired campervan or book available vehicles straight away for a good drive.

3Book and go!

Complete your booking and the adventure can begin.

Why is it worth booking a campervan in Norway early?

Norway ranks among one of the most scenic countries in the world that can be explored with a campervan. This means of transport allows you to be fully independent on the road. With your own motorhome, you do not have to worry about any additional costs of holidays, including affordable hotels, car rental, restaurants, or booking your airline tickets when they are still available at a reasonable price. You mobile home is literally all you need and even more.

In Norway, you will find a number of cities where campervan hire is available. The period characterised by the highest demand for campervan hire in Norway is between June and September, when the weather is most favourable for road travel. The average travel time in Norway is 29 days. In order to rent a campervan when you can get the best combination of availability, price, and campervan make, it is enough to try booking it almost 4 months in advance. The average campervan hire in Norway costs 214.05 euros per day.

You are still hesitant about renting a campervan because you are not yet sure about the dates of your holidays? There is nothing simpler than contacting our customer service department! The experts at CamperDays will quickly find a solution to your problem. Remember that changing your reservation is always free of charge at CamperDays. Our services come with full flexibility – we offer a cancellation policy that is very transparent.

Campervan offers in Norway

FAQ - the most frequently asked questions about campervan hire in Norway

Is an International Driving Licence required in Norway?

In order to rent a campervan in Norway, you just need your national driver’s licence. You are not required to own an International Driving Licence.

Is a credit card required to rent a campervan in Norway?

Yes, the deposit has to be paid with a credit card belonging to the person who will be driving the campervan.

Can I cross borders when travelling around Norway?

Yes, you can cross borders, but you need to inform the rental company first.

Am I allowed to bring a pet in the campervan?

The majority of companies have nothing against pets in their vehicles. For more details, you can check the rental conditions.

Is it possible to camp wild in Norway?

You can camp wild for up to 2 nights in any area of uncultivated land. Stay away from farmland under cultivation, regenerating forests, and hay meadows.

What is the minimum age to rent a campervan in Norway?

It depends on the campervan hire company. Usually, drivers have to be at least 25, but in some cases companies allow you to be 21.

Can I rent a campervan in Norway with a baby?

Yes, there are no special restrictions for travelling with a baby in Norway.

Which rental companies are available in Norway?

Norway is a treasure trove of diverse campervan hire companies. The most popular ones are Touring Cars and McRent.

Touring Cars

Touring Cars is the most popular campervan hire company in Norway. In its basic package, you can enjoy unlimited mileage and kitchen equipment, helping you to stay independent while on the road. You will also enjoy a number of practical amenities. Touring Cars is available in the following cities:

  • Oslo

  • Trondheim

  • Tromsø

  • Evenes


McRent’s services are the synonym of perfection. Along with a standard insurance, you can also enjoy security package and breakdown cover. It is one of the 2 most popular campervan hire companies in Norway. The company is available in:

  • Nordkjosbotn

  • Bjerkvik

  • Trondheim

  • Bergen

  • Stavanger

  • Grimstad

  • Oslo

There are campervan hire companies in Norway offering airport transfer as one of their services. In order to take advantage of this favourable service, you should always contact a given company in advance to book it. You can also reach the depots by taking a taxi. Remember to pick them up at official taxi ranks near the airport.

Categories of campervans in Norway


One of the most popular campervan types for travelling around Norway is a semi-integrated campervan. Despite its large size, it is still rather economical. It will be an ideal means of transport for 4 travellers. Its characteristic feature is a living space partially integrated with the driver’s cab.

Panel truck

Panel trucks will be the most comfortable travel option for 2 travellers. They are perfect both for longer and shorter adventures. Owing to their smaller size, they can fit into a number of places that stay out of reach for other larger vehicles. What is more, their compactness also makes them more economical in comparison to other vehicles.


Alcove campervans are ideal for families with children as they come in varieties of up to 7 travellers. The characteristic alcove, located above the driver’s cab, usually consists of a double bed. This space can be also converted into an additional storage place during the day. Alcove campervans are very practical.

Rent a motorhome or an RV in Norway: Experience a unique holiday feeling anywhere in the world

Rent exactly the campervan that suits you through CamperDays and experience unforgettable holidays in the UK, Europe and worldwide. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to help you find the perfect camper or motorhome for your dream holiday.