RV rental in Italy
From where?
4 Offers for your holiday in Rome
Beach Hostel

roadsurfer 4/58 km from Rome

Beach Hostel +10
Immediately available
4 adults/1 children
Unlimited kilometres
2 beds
Pets allowed
€1,149.00 / per night €82.07
Surfer Suite

roadsurfer 4/58 km from Rome

Surfer Suite +10
Immediately available
4 adults
Unlimited kilometres
2 beds
Pets allowed
€1,345.00 / per night €96.07
Road House

roadsurfer 4/58 km from Rome

Road House +6
Immediately available
4 adults
Unlimited kilometres
2 beds
Pets allowed
€1,525.00 / per night €108.93
Family Finca

roadsurfer 4/58 km from Rome

Family Finca +10
Immediately available
2 adults/2 children
Unlimited kilometres
2 beds
Pets allowed
€1,585.00 / per night €113.21
A unique holiday experience

Motorhome rental in Italy

Rent a campervan and enjoy everything Italy has to offer

A campervan holiday in Italy gives you the flexibility to enjoy a fun-filled, relaxing holiday whilst exploring everything Italy has to offer. Italy has fabulous weather most of the year. It has beautiful scenery, glorious beaches, mountain ranges, forests and valleys making it an incredibly varied place to visit. It is also brimming with history and culture, including the world-renowned opera and ancient and modern art work. If shopping is your passion Italy is world famous for its fashion, wine, glassware, leather goods and shoes. A big part of the Italian experience is also about the food and wine with an array of pasta and risotto dishes to choose from and sumptuous desserts including the world famous gelato.

Italy’s capital Rome, is the home of the Vatican as well as ancient ruins and an array of wonderful art collections. Other major cities to visit include Florence with its Renaissance masterpieces such as Michelangelo’s ‘David’ or why not consider Venice, the city of canals or Milan, Italy’s fashion capital.

How does the site work

With CamperDays, booking a vacation in an RV rental in Italy is quick and easy and your booking can be tweaked to meet your needs exactly. Start on the homepage and enter your vacation dates and the place you'd like to pick up your campervan in Italy. A list of campers to rent in Italy opens with pictures and details. Either click on one of these or refine your search further using the filters in the left-hand column. You can filter by price band, vehicle type and size, equipment required, and rental company (if you have a preference). Once you have selected a campervan to rent in Italy, you can configure your booking by selecting insurance and mileage packages plus other extras such as tolling devices, GPS, and camping equipment. The next step is to enter your personal and billing details and make your payment. Your camper in Italy is now reserved for you. All that's left to do is to start planning your route around the country.

  • 1. Find an RV
    1. Find an RV

    Simply enter your dates and location to begin your search.

  • 2. Receive offers
    2. Receive offers

    Request or book the campervan you want to rent for a great price.

  • 3. Book and go
    3. Book and go

    Complete your booking and your unforgettable adventure can begin!

Why is it worth booking an RV rental in Italy early?

Do you want to drive through mountains, around magnificent lakes, and along stunning coastlines, or take a journey through the world-class art collections of Rome, Florence, Venice, and Milan? Whichever it is, hiring an RV rental in Italy is the perfect way to make a road trip around this European country. Enjoy cruising on fast and well-maintained toll roads or meander on country roads where life is taken at a more leisurely pace. However you travel, there is always something new to see when you spend your vacation in a campervan in Italy. Your camper rental in Italy lets you see the country at your own pace and while, at first glance, it may seem an expensive way to travel it needn't break your budget. Check this by comparing it with the cost of hotel accommodation, car rental, and dining out every day. Italy's climate is a delight from April through until October but this is when campervan hire in Italy is in high demand. To get the best price and date combination, CamperDays recommends being an early bird and booking your vacation up to four months in advance. Don't worry if something comes up and you need to change your dates, there is no additional charge for this. Your booking also comes with a fair and transparent cancellation policy and the helpful services of the CamperDays customer service team.

FAQ - die wichtigsten Fragen und Antworten

  • If your driving license is issued in an EU country you don't need an IDP but one is required if you hold an American driving license. These are easily obtained before you travel.

  • Yes. The main driver must present a credit card. Details are held as a security and damages deposit.

  • In Italy, you can legally drive a campervan from the age of 18 but many rental companies require drivers to be at least 25 and will add a surcharge for younger drivers.

  • Most vans are suitable for babies and young children. Just check you have the appropriate child seats. Many rental companies offer a range of vans where well-behaved dogs are welcome. Always check your terms and conditions.

  • There should be no problem driving your campervan across the border into neighboring countries such as France and Switzerland as long as the rental company has agreed.

  • Nowadays, wild camping is rarely permitted in Italy. To avoid fines, always park in designated areas and campsites.

Some of Italy’s most well known attractions

Italy is well known for its rich history and culture. Below we have put together some of the best sights to visit:

The Colosseum

  • Built in 70 AD, it is one of the main attractions in Rome.

  • The largest amphitheatre ever built was initially used for entertainment and sporting events. To avoid long queues booking in advance is highly recommended.

St. Mark's Basilica

  • St Mark’s Basilica has always been the centre of the public and religious life of Venice

  • Built in 1092, St Mark’s Basilica is located in St Mark square next to the Doge’s Palace. The marble floors, gold reliquaries and the Treasury are definite highlights.

  • To avoid the long queues, make sure to book a guided tour well in advance as it is one of the most visited sights in Venice.

Ponti di Rialto

  • The oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal in Venice, which has been rebuilt several times since its first construction as a pontoon bridge in 1173.

  • The bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Venice and it also houses a series of shops selling a range of goods from jewellery to souvenirs.

Lake Garda

  • Known for its beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters.

  • The south end of the town of Sirmione is dominated by the Rocca Scaligera, a fortress with harbour views and nearby archaeological sites including a Roman villa.

  • A great place to visit if you enjoy walking, biking or water sports such as: jet-skiing, windsurfing and sailing.

Questions and Answers

The most frequently asked questions about campervan hire in Italy

  • If your driver’s licence has been issued in the EU, you do not have to own an International Driving Licence.

  • Yes, the deposit has to be paid with the main driver’s credit card.

  • Yes, but you should notify the rental company if you plan on crossing borders.

  • Many companies have nothing against pets in their vehicles. You can always check the rental conditions for more details.

  • Never camp wild in Italy as it is strictly forbidden.

  • It depends on the campervan hire company. Usually, drivers have to be at least 21 years old, but some vehicles are available to 18-year-olds.

  • Most of the rental companies apply no special restrictions when it comes to travelling with babies.

Events and festivals in Italy

Battle of Oranges (February): known to be the largest food fight in Europe, the festival dates back to medieval times and represents the uprisings that took place in Italy against the harsh rule of an evil duke. The festival takes place in Ivrea and includes a tradition of throwing oranges between organised groups hence the name ‘The Battle of Oranges’.

Carnevale (February or March): celebrated for centuries throughout Italy. The celebration was originally set up as a ‘carne vale’ or ‘farewell to meat’ which was an opportunity to use up such treats before the start of Lent. The most famous one is in Venice with parades and masquerade balls which can be a bit expensive, but you can also attend the various street performances and concerts.

Festa Della Madonna Bruna (July): a religious festival that takes place in Matera. The festivities originated over 600 years ago and there are numerous activities such as parades, live music performances, market stalls and the famous firework displays.

Most booked companies for a camper rental in Italy

With pick-up and drop-off points in many of Italy's major cities, planning an Italian itinerary is no problem. CamperDays guarantees that all of its partner rental companies are 100% professional. You will have a modern, comfortable, well-equipped, and safe vehicle for your road trip in Italy.

iNDiE campers

With pick-up points operating flexibly in Rome, Venice, and Milan, iNDiE campers gives you a stress-free start to your Italian road trip. To make your journey even smoother, you can pre-book airport transfers. The iNDiE fleet is comprised of modern, mainly compact campervans that sleep from two to four people.


McRent has pick-up and drop-off depots in Rome, Pisa, Bologna, and Vicenza meaning whichever part of Italy you wish to explore, there is a convenient starting point for you. McRent is one of the most popular campervan rental companies in the world with a large fleet of two to six-berth vans. Mileage is included in your package and paid pre-booked airport transfers are available.


Start your Italian vacation with a roadsurfer pick-up in Rome, Milan, or Turin. Campervans from roadsurfer sleep from two to five people and include a modern take on the classic VW camper as well as other designs. Unlimited mileage is included with your booking. roadsurfer is happy to provide insurance policies for drivers over 18 provided they have held a clean driving license for at least six months.

  • FreewayCamper
  • McRent Holding GmbH
  • rent easy
  • roadsurfer

Categories of campervans in Italy

Small RV
Small RV
2 - 4 peopleFuel consumption: 10 - 20 l / 100 kmFor people who don’t need much spacePros: mobile, compact, low rental price
Luxury RV
Luxury RV
3 - 7 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 25 l / 100 kmFor people who like high comfortPros: spacious, high comfort, exclusive equipment
Large motorhomes
Large motorhomes
3 - 7 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 25 - 35 l / 100 kmFor experienced driversPros: comfortable, spacious
4WD campers
4WD campers
2 - 4 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 16 l / 100 kmFor people who love exploring the landscapePros: powerful engine, all-terrain
Truck campervan
Truck campervan
2 - 5 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 30 l / 100 kmFor intermediate driversPros: all-terrain, comfortable, mobile, powerful engine


Semi-integrated campervans are very popular for longer trips around Italy. They will be perfect for families with children or for groups of 4. They always come with a range of practical features that allows you to stay fully independent throughout the whole trip.

Panel truck

Panel trucks are characterised by their compact size. In comparison to other much larger vehicles, they offer low fuel consumption and great manoeuvrability. Owing to that, parking in the cities will be a piece of cake. Panel trucks are a comfortable means of transport for couples.

Our top tips on renting a campervan in Italy

Campervan holidays in Italy are ideal for those who want to explore the rich history and culture of Italy or those who simply want to sit back and relax in the summer sun. The busiest period for renting a campervan is from May until September so booking in advance is highly recommended.

At CamperDays we offer flexible bookings.If your travel plans change, we immediately contact the rental company and take care of the rebooking free of charge. Many of our partners are accommodating and do not charge any rebooking fees. In case you have any questions before or after booking, you can contact our friendly customer service team by telephone.

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Internationally, we work with many well-established providers who rent out campervans/motorhomes: from Cruise America and Road Bear RV, who are well-known U.S. rental companies, to Jucy, whose core business is Australia and New Zealand, and Apollo, which is a global company with lots of locations in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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