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In the campervan through South Africa - adventure on four wheels

Embark on an exciting journey through a country that is truly diverse. Here you'll find rolling green hills, rugged rocks, deserts and subtropical rainforests. Have you ever heard of the "Big Five"? If you cross South Africa in a motorhome and are lucky, you may encounter them. These are the five animal species elephant, rhino, buffalo, lion and leopard.

The country's culture is shaped by very different influences. Asian and European settlers shaped the country and can still be found there today. In the cities, they live together peacefully and thus form a unique world that is culturally incredibly valuable. Perhaps you have heard the term rainbow nation before. It expresses that people of all skin colours live together in one place. Cross South Africa with a campervan and experience for yourself a diversity that you have certainly never witnessed before. No matter whether you are a gourmet, adventurer, nature and culture lover or a family man: Here you will definitely find activities that you like. As soon as you rent a campervan to discover South Africa, you can look forward to this dream holiday, which will leave such a lasting impression on you that you will be telling tales about it for a long time to come.

Escape Winter

South Africa is located in the very south of the continent and is about ten hours flight away from mainland Europe. Despite the long travel time, there is virtually no time difference as the UK lies on a similar longitude. So you don't have to worry about jet lag, which can be a bit of a pain for long journeys.

When it gets cold in our country and winter has begun, South Africa has very high temperatures and it is summer. Since the country lies in the southern hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to ours. Take your campervan on an adventurous journey in South Africa and explore the country on your own. The road conditions in South Africa generally can be described as good.

Metropolises and national parks

Cross South Africa with your campervan and head for the places that interest you the most. How about, for example, a tour through the metropolis of Cape Town or a ride through the National Park? With a small campervan in South Africa, you can comfortably discover the wild nature that will amaze you completely. Most campervans in South Africa have been designed with you in mind. How about, for example, a tour through the metropolis of Cape Town or a ride through the National Park? Discover the wild nature with a small campervan in South Africa, which will amaze you completely. During your journey you do not have to do without the accustomed comfort. Most motorhomes in South Africa have really good equipment. If you get tired during your tour, simply take a break at a suitable place and lie down for a few hours. With new energy you can start again after a short rest.

If you rent a campervan in South Africa, don't miss out on Table Mountain in Cape Town during your explorations. Enjoy the beautiful nature from up there and experience how the adrenalin pumps through your veins. Are you a fan of daring sports? Then embark on a tour on a mountain bike and feel pure freedom during a bungee jump. A hike on the "Maluti Cave" route will also make a lasting impression on you. This route takes you through the Drakensberg mountains in the north of South Africa along rivers, caves, lakes and waterfalls. Overcome the 35 kilometres and discover the incredible beauty of nature. If you rent a campervan in South Africa, you should also go to Kruger National Park with your whole family. The country's most spectacular and exciting park is home to lions, giraffes, elephants and more. The Ratanga Junction amusement park in Cape Town will take you high up. Take a ride on the roller coaster and let the wild ride really shake you up.

Discover the history and cultural highlights of South Africa

A visit to the prison isle of Robben Island is also recommended. Nelson Mandela was imprisoned here for 17 years. After he was free again, he ruled the country between 1994 and 1999 as the first black president and showed relentless commitment in the fight for the equal rights of black citizens. You can rent a campervan and experience South Africa and the history of the country up close. For his commitment Mandela received the Nobel Peace Prize and became known all over the world.

If you rent a campervan in South Africa, you should definitely get to know the country and its culture. Take a trip to a traditional Zulu village. The Zulu are an ethnic group of the Bantu, which comprises about eleven million people in South Africa. Get to know the habits and lifestyle of the country's largest ethnic group. The Golden Gate Highland National Park is located in the heart of South Africa. Here you can experience gazelles and antelopes in the middle of the hilly grassland. You can also marvel at the wonderful coastal stretches of South Africa. Listen to the waves, observe the setting sun and really enjoy yourself. With such an experience you can leave the stress and hectic pace of everyday life behind you and recharge your batteries for new adventures.

Are you interested in South African wines? They have a long tradition dating back to 1649. Let the expert winegrowers introduce you to the secrets of wine production and taste one or two fine wines. If you want to learn about the local culinary arts, you've found what you're looking for at Prince Albert's Karoo Cooking School.

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