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McRent4.5/533 km from Bologna

Family Standard +11
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4 adults
Unlimited kilometres
3 beds
€2,201.00 / €157.21 per night

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Discover gorgeous cities, sunny Mediterranean beaches, deep green forests, and endless mountain ranges across Europe. With an RV, you are the master of your own destiny. Whether you want to visit multiple countries or linger around in one area for a longer period, having an RV at your disposal gives you plenty of choices.

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Why is it worth booking a campervan in Bologna early?

The perfect Italian road infrastructure and a landscape studded with highlights can be easily explored with a campervan. An RV is an ideal means of transport to experience Italy at its best. Bologna is one of the cities to head to if you are searching for a reliable vehicle. The most popular period for campervan rental in Bologna is between July and August. The average price for campervan hire that you can expect is 165.93 euros per day, and the average travel time is 13 days. Is there anything you can do to secure yourself the best deal at the most affordable price? Of course, following the rule – first come, first served – you could try booking a vehicle as early as almost 4 months in advance. This will guarantee the most diverse and exciting choice when it comes to the available fleet. You will secure the most interesting vehicle make and avoid exorbitant prices.
If you are still unsure about the exact dates of your campervan trip, that is not a problem. We offer a very transparent cancellation policy as well as no additional charges for reservation changes. That is why you can change your travel dates without any negative consequences. What is more, the CamperDays experts are full of interesting solutions and tips that may come in handy while on the road. We are here to help you!
Despite the fact that renting a campervan might seem slightly daunting, you save a lot of money, time, and effort along the way. Such additional costs may be connected with accommodation, restaurants, or car rental. Your own vehicle is where you sleep and eat, promising full independence of any schedules and timetables.

FAQ - the most frequently asked questions about campervan hire in Bologna

  • If you have an EU driver’s licence, you do not have to own an International Driving Licence.

  • The deposit should be paid with a credit card belonging to the main driver.

  • You can freely cross borders without the need to notify the authorities, but you should inform the rental company first.

  • Even though many companies have nothing against pets in their vehicles, you can also check the rental conditions to be absolutely sure.

  • Avoid wild camping as it is strictly forbidden in Italy.

  • The drivers are usually required to be as old as 21. However, a number of companies allows you to be even younger.

  • You can freely travel with a toddler in the vehicle in case of most campervan hire companies.

Which rental companies are available in Bologna?

The most popular campervan hire company in Bologna is McRent.


McRent is a guarantee of top-notch service and a wide choice of interesting vehicles. In its offer, you will find panel trucks, partially integrated vehicles, fully integrated campervans, and alcove options. Regardless of your choice, each campervan is fully equipped with superb amenities. Along with a favourable standard insurance, you can also enjoy unlimited mileage. There is a possibility to benefit from additional driver option as well.
Full address of the McRent rental station in Bologna:
Via P. Nenni, 7/A
40026 Imola (BO)
McRent’s depot is located approximately 35 km away from Bologna Guglielmo Marconi Airport (BLQ). A taxi will be the easiest way to reach it. Our advice is to pick taxis up at official taxi ranks and avoid unlicensed vehicles.

  • McRent Holding GmbH

Categories of campervans in Bologna

Small RV
Small RV
2 - 4 peopleFuel consumption: 10 - 20 l / 100 kmFor people who don’t need much spacePros: mobile, compact, low rental price
Luxury RV
Luxury RV
3 - 7 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 25 l / 100 kmFor people who like high comfortPros: spacious, high comfort, exclusive equipment
Large motorhomes
Large motorhomes
3 - 7 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 25 - 35 l / 100 kmFor experienced driversPros: comfortable, spacious
4WD campers
4WD campers
2 - 4 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 16 l / 100 kmFor people who love exploring the landscapePros: powerful engine, all-terrain
Truck campervan
Truck campervan
2 - 5 peopleFuel consumption: ca. 30 l / 100 kmFor intermediate driversPros: all-terrain, comfortable, mobile, powerful engine