The CamperDays Guide

The CamperDays Guide

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Pay your booking conveniently and flexibly via bank transfer

Payment via invoice bank transfer

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Motorhome tips and tricks - in our guides you will learn important tricks that will make your everyday life in and around the motorhome and camper easier.

Are you planning your holiday with a motorhome and looking for inspiration or important information on a particular topic?
We are constantly expanding our guide with the most important topics for you. Among other things, we provide you with tips and tricks on "Travelling with animals", "Travelling with physical disabilities", "Safe travelling" and "Sustainable travelling".

Get well-founded and well-researched tips and experiences for your next camping adventure.
We hope you have fun and enjoy the best time of your life - your holiday.

Tips & Info for camping holidays

Practical tips for motorhome holidays

Tips & tricks for all situations

"No master has ever fallen from the sky" or "Practice makes perfect" - who doesn't know these sayings?
It's the same when travelling with a motorhome. The more often you are on the road, the more confident you become with certain procedures, such as parking and aligning the motorhome, disposing of water and filling up with fresh water, dealing with electricity, and so on.
Also, procedures and routines are always slightly different. Depending on what kind of holiday you are planning with the campervan. A fisherman will have different processes than a mountain biker or a family.
With our guides, we would like to give you tips and tricks that will make processes and routines easier for everyone.
Don't spend all your time trying and despairing. Read our guides with "best practice" examples and become effective right from the start. This way you will get more out of your holidays.

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Do it now and feel free

Dive into nature, be a boondocker!

Disconnecting from everything and everyone for a couple of days or a week is one of those experiences that needs to be done if you are a camping enthusiast and you love spending time in the great outdoors. However, there are a couple of things to be mindful of before diving into this new experience and reconnecting with nature. You should read the following article, if you’re planning to spend so.....

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