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Rent a motorhome or an RV in Tampa: Experience a unique holiday feeling anywhere in the world

Rent exactly the campervan that suits you through CamperDays and experience unforgettable holidays in the UK, Europe and worldwide. With our many years of experience, we will be happy to help you find the perfect camper or motorhome for your dream holiday.

How does CamperDays work?

CamperDays has come up with a very intuitive and user-friendly booking system that will live up to
the expectations of the most demanding campervan fans. The easy search engine takes you through a few simple steps and allows you to quickly secure your dream vehicle. The online form should be filled in with your holiday dates, and you will see a detailed list of results. On your left-hand side, there is a list of dedicated filters that will help you to narrow down your search. These include the number of passengers, equipment, rental company, or vehicle type. We also guarantee no surcharges on the pick-up.

1Find an RV

Simply enter your dates and place of departure and the search can begin.

2Receive offers

Request your desired campervan or book available vehicles straight away for a good drive.

3Book and go!

Complete your booking and the adventure can begin.

Should you book a campervan early in Tampa?

Campervan enthusiasts love the States for the perfect condition of their roads, the abundance of highlights, beautiful nature parks, and interesting cultural monuments. It is a wonderful environment for campervan holidays, and there are plenty of places where you can rent a reliable vehicle. You can for example travel to Tampa, where you will be welcomed by a wide range of interesting campervans. In order to get hold of the best possible deal with the most affordable campervan, you should definitely consider becoming an early bird.Do not worry if you have many concerns or are still unsure about the exact time of your holidays, CamperDays is here to help you. Our experts will be pleased to answer all your questions and give you a few interesting pieces of advice that might come in handy while behind the wheel. Remember that with CamperDays, you can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including a transparent cancellation policy. If you wish to change the dates of your travel, there are also no hidden charges for reservation changes. Renting an RV is a go-to holiday option for free spirits, who enjoy staying independent of all schedules. Booking affordable airline tickets when they are still available is no longer your nuisance. inside a campervan, you can enjoy your own sleeping space, a place to rest, and kitchen, where you can prepare delicious meals. That allows you to save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on accommodation and restaurants. What is more, travelling in a campervan is a perfect opportunity to get closer to your nearest and dearest.

Campervan offers in Tampa

FAQ - the most frequently asked questions about campervan hire in Tampa

Is an International Driving Licence required when renting a campervan in Tampa?

An International Driving Licence is not mandatory in Tampa. Your national driving licence will be enough to rent a vehicle in this city.

Do I need a credit card to rent a campervan in Tampa?

Yes, it is one of the requirements to pay for the deposit with the main driver’s credit card.

Can I bring a pet in the campervan?

Some companies allow for pets in their vehicles. Check the rental conditions for more information on that topic.

Can I cross borders while travelling around the USA?

Usually, it depends on the company. However, it is vital that you always inform the rental company of your choice about your plans.

Are there any roads that stay off-limits for campervans?

Yes, there are multiple places where you are not allowed to enter while travelling in a campervan. Check the rental conditions or contact the CamperDays customer service for more details.

Is camping wild allowed in the USA?

Yes, it is allowed within the areas of US national forest and grasslands as well as on Bureau of Land Management lands.

What is the minimum age to rent a campervan in Tampa?

21 is the minimum age if you wish to rent a campervan in Tampa.

Can I rent a campervan in Tampa with a baby?

The majority of campervan hire companies in Tampa have nothing against toddlers in their campervans and will be pleased to welcome one in their vehicle.

Which rental companies are available in Tampa?

There are a number of interesting campervan hire companies in Tampa, including Cruise America.

Cruise America

Cruise America is an ideal choice for travellers who seek top-notch services. Apart from a standard insurance, you will enjoy 24/7 roadside assistance, a campsite manual, and motorhome introduction, which might come in handy for the less experienced campervan fans.
Full address of the Cruise America rental station in Tampa:
1601 US HWY41 South
FL 33570 Ruskin
Cruise America does not offer airport transfer. Do not worry – the branch can be easily reached from Tampa International Airport (TPA) with public transport or a taxi. Remember to avoid unlicensed vehicles.

Categories of campervans in Tampa


A sleeping space located directly above the driver’s cab is the most characteristic feature of an alcove vehicle. It can be used both as a sleeping space and an extra storage place. These vehicles can accommodate up to 7 people. They are perfect for long trips around the USA.

Fully integrated

Fully integrated campervans take a lot of space on the road, and it is more difficult to park them in the cities. Thus, they will be perfect for more experienced drivers. They offer the most luxurious interiors with plenty of space.

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