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With each campervan offer you will find, among other things, concrete information on the pick-up and drop-off times at the selected station. You should pay attention to this information, because it is usually not possible to pick up or return the campervan outside the opening hours.

Those who have a longer journey by train or flight to the rental station are particularly interested in choosing the pick-up and drop-off times as flexibly as possible. The opening hours of the station do not always correspond to your own arrival or departure plans. Nevertheless, you will usually have to make arrangements according to the opening hours of the station, as the rental company is usually not able to offer flexible pick-up and drop-off times outside these hours. There are, however, good reasons for this.

Where can I find information about my pick-up and drop-off times?

During the booking process, you can view detailed information about the pick-up and drop-off times of your desired campervan by clicking on Configure. This information will also be noted on the voucher you will receive after the booking has been confirmed.

Pick-up and drop-off outside opening hours

In very rare cases, individual rental companies offer pick-up or drop-off outside regular opening hours (for example, Cruise America in the USA). However, this is usually associated with high fees, as an employee of the rental company must still be on site. If this option is available, you will find all information about it in the rental terms and conditions. Special arrangements for pick-up or drop-off are best made directly with the rental company after booking.

Why can’t I pick up my campervan outside the opening hours?

When you pick up your campervan, it is very important that you are assisted by an employee at the rental station. This person must firstly check your booking documents to ensure that you are entitled to drive and that you receive the campervan that you have booked.

Secondly, a short briefing on the functions and special features of your vehicle is necessary before taking over the campervan. Your rental company will explain to you how to operate the campervan and what you need to pay attention to. This is particularly important if you are travelling with a campervan for the first time. But even experienced campervan holidaymakers benefit from instruction, because every vehicle is different. By personally handing over the vehicle within the opening hours, you save a lot of time and nerves during the journey.

Why can I not return my campervan outside opening hours?

While it is often possible to return rental cars after a trip even outside opening hours and deposit the key in a key box, for campervan rentals it is necessary to hand over your campervan to a station employee during opening hours.

This is mainly due to the fact that a campervan has many elements and functions that the rental company must check immediately after your return. Has the waste water tank been emptied correctly? Has the interior been properly cleaned? Is the equipment complete? The rental company ensures that everything is in order by carrying out a joint inspection after the campervan trip. At the same time, such a return also serves as your security. You will receive written confirmation immediately afterwards that you have returned the campervan in an appropriate condition. This way, there are no uncertainties or discrepancies afterwards.

What do I do if I can’ t make it to the pick-up on time?

Most rental companies close their stations punctually and plan little or no time to allow for any delays. So if you notice that time is running out, make sure you call your station directly (the phone number is on the voucher).

Call the rental station!

If it is not possible to pick-up the vehicle on the same day due to the delay, you can usually pick it up the next day. You need not fear that your vehicle will immediately be given to someone else. Your campervan will usually be reserved for you for at least another 48 hours. Nevertheless, it is important that you let the station know as soon as possible if you cannot make it in time for pick-up.

Important: If you do not pick up your vehicle on the agreed day and the station is closed the following day, you can only pick it up on the next regular opening day. In Europe and USA, for example, almost all stations are closed on Sundays. If you miss the pick-up on Saturday, you can’ t pick up the campervan until Monday.

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