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It is only possible to pay via credit card on CamperDays. We will explain to you what you should bear in mind when paying.

You have found a suitable campervan offer and entered your personal information? Then all that’s left is to enter your card details.

Paying via credit card for your campervan

You can book any campervan offer with a credit card. It is important that this is a Visa or Mastercard, other credit cards are often not accepted. Simply enter your credit card details at the time of booking in the enter payment details step. CamperDays will pre-authorise the full rental price on the credit card immediately after your booking (in Euros).

This means that this amount is blocked directly and is no longer available to you. Within 21 days of your successful booking, it will then be debited from your credit card account. If the booking is not successful, for example because the desired campervan is not available, the pre-authorisation will be released again immediately.

Even if you specify a main driver for the campervan at the time of booking, you do not have to pay with the main driver’s credit card, but can use another credit card for this purpose. However, the main driver must present their own credit card for the deposit when picking up the vehicle.

Credit card checklist

  • The credit card must usually be issued in the name of the main driver.
  • Make sure that the credit card has a sufficient credit limit for the deposit.
  • Remember your credit card PIN, as you will usually need to type it in to release the deposit amount.
  • Your credit card must be a full credit card (not a prepaid or debit card).

Can I pay in a different currency?

Unfortunately it is only possible to pay in Euros. If your credit card is issued in a different currency, your booking price may appear different on your bank statement. In the event of refunds, the exchange rate may cause fluctuations between the booking price and the refund price. Sadly this is not something we are able to change or influence.

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