Which documents do I need when collecting my campervan?

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Before you collect your campervan, make sure that you have all the important documents to hand. We have put together a helpful overview of all the documents you will need when you collect your campervan.

No matter in which country you pick up your rented campervan: you always need certain documents to be able to receive the vehicle. In addition to your identity card or passport and a valid driving licence, you will also need the campervan voucher and a valid credit card (a debit card may in some cases be sufficient).

Overview: These are the documents you will need to pick up your campervan

To ensure that everything runs smoothly and without hiccups when you collect your campervan, you should have the following documents ready to hand:

  • Your printed voucher from CamperDays, which you will have received by e-mail

  • Your valid, internationally recognised credit card including PIN for depositing the deposit (a debit card may in some cases be sufficient)

  • Your identity card or passport (depending on the destination country)

  • Your valid Class B driving licence (an additional International Driving Licence may be required in countries outside Europe, such as South Africa and New Zealand).

Important information about credit cards

Make sure that you have a sufficient credit card limit to pay the deposit well in advance of your trip. This often reflects the amount of the deductible. Very important: The credit card must be issued in the name of the main driver.

Important information about driving licences

For almost all vehicles that you can rent through CamperDays, a class B driving licence is sufficient. If a class C driving licence is required, you will be advised of this at the time of booking.