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Active vacation: sports and travel with an RV

With a campervan, you can go wherever you like. As a sportsperson, you have complete freedom to discover the right spots for your active vacation. Whether you're a mountain biker looking for the best trails, a surfer in search of fantastic waves, or a hiker looking for the most scenic trails - an active vacation in an RV is fun and flexible. We show you why a camper trip is perfect for sports enthusiasts and how you can best prepare for your tour.

5 reasons why you should plan an active vacation with an RV

There are many reasons why a campervan vacation can be a great experience for keen sports enthusiasts. Here are 5 of the best ones:

  • Try it out without risk: RVs up to 26,000 pounds can be driven with a normal driving license in most cases. If you want to try out whether travelling with a campervan is for you, you can easily rent one without having to get an extra license.

  • Free as a bird: with a campervan, you are completely flexible. Whenever you want to set off and discover a new spot, simply pack up your things and drive off. Decide for yourself how long you stay in each place and explore new regions every day.

  • Everything at hand: an RV has enough space to transport your sports clothing and your sports equipment too. You don't have to rent surfboards or mountain bikes as you can take your own equipment.

  • Always close: wherever you find the perfect adventure spot, the camper can usually be parked close by. All your things are never further than a stone's throw away. In addition, you don't have to carry your equipment over great distances, but can start right out your front door and spend more time doing what you love.

  • Mingle with the crowd: an RV is big enough to take a few friends along with you on your active vacation. It also spreads the cost of the campervan and food, making camping vacations more affordable. In addition, the camping community is very friendly and open-minded, so you can make new friends along the way.

Tip: Ask the locals for the best spots and routes. They know the region and can give you valuable insider tips!

Preparing for your RV tour

To enjoy all the benefits of an active vacation with a campervan, you should plan your tour well in advance. First, think about which region you would like to travel to. Which places are particularly popular in the community? Which spots and routes are often recommended? Based on these considerations, make a rough route plan that you can use as a guide. Leave yourself some time to remain flexible on the road. You can also follow these tips:

  • Search the internet for suitable rental RVs. Make sure that the campervan is big enough and has additional equipment (e.g. roof boxes) for your sports equipment.

  • If you already have your own camper, have it checked at a garage before you leave so you can be sure that your van is ready for your trip.

  • Inform yourself about local and state laws. For example: Is wild camping allowed? Are there any tolls? Also, check the local road laws for each state you are visiting.

  • Make a rough plan and search online for highlights and recommendations along the route. With a plan, you won’t miss anything and always know where to go next.

  • Don't plan the individual daily stages too long. Ideally, plan to drive for about 3-6 hours each travel day. That way you have enough time to explore the area and some time for your sport.

  • Consider in advance whether you want to reserve a camping spot. With a reservation, you have a secure camping place each night, but you are not as flexible. In the high season, it may be worth reserving spots to avoid a long search when you arrive.

  • If you are travelling in remote regions, you should bear in mind that road conditions can vary. In more remote regions, you may be driving on unpaved roads where you must slow down. This may increase your travel time. The situation is similar in mountainous regions with narrow bends or mountain passes.

  • Plan how you want to store your sports equipment. For example, you can stow bikes in the rear garage or on a bike rack. For surfboards and SUP boards, roof rack systems or a transport box might be worthwhile.

Tip: When you leave the campervan for sporting activities, you can either hide the key in a secure place or lock it away in a portable key safe.

Camper tour in winter - tips for skiing trips with a campervan

Most ski resorts have their own campsites where you can set up camp close to the slopes. Whether you travel to the various ski resorts or go for a winter road trip through Europe, it is best to be prepared. To travel safely with your RV in winter, you should consider the following:

  • When you are travelling in the Alps, snow chains are compulsory. They are the only way to make progress on snow-covered roads. To be prepared, you should practice how to put snow chains on your tires properly.

  • Don't forget to fill the windscreen washer system with antifreeze before setting off so that you can use it even in sub-zero temperatures. You should also fully charge the campervans battery again.

  • A starter cable and a tow rope are also useful items of equipment for your RV tour in winter. This way you are prepared in case the battery gives up in an emergency.

  • Inform yourself in advance about where you can buy or refill gas bottles.

  • Rent an awning to fit your RV for your skiing trip. It will also protect you from the cold and snowdrifts.

Summary: Fulfil your dream of an active camper trip

Passionate sports enthusiasts can turn their dream of an active vacation into reality with a campervan. In an RV, you will find enough space for all your equipment. Whether summer or winter - in a campervan you can be more independent and can plan your trip exactly how you like. Follow these tips and your active vacation will be an unforgettable experience.